What is Livegood? Complete Information

In this article, we will do a complete review of Livegood Review, we are going to talk about LiveGood Network Marketing Company, which operates from Florida, USA. Today we are going to tell you about a company which is a network marketing company named Livegood.

So we tell you what is Livegood. What are Livegood Products? What is Livegood Income Plan? How much is Livegood membership? Livegood is real or fake? etc. will be told in full detail and apart from this, we will clear more doubts about Livegood, so stay tuned for this article!

What is Livegood?

Livegood is a direct-selling company whose main specialty is selling health supplements that are very beneficial in keeping people healthy. This company depends on person-to-person sales. livegood is operated from Florida America and its CEO is Ben Gleski and this The director of the company is Naukri Khajan who has a good history of involvement in pyramid schemes in particular. The surprising thing is that according to similarweb this livegood has more than 1.8 million visitors a month as of today and most Users are from the USA. Some time ago, this company has also come to India and has been very popular, its affiliate marketers promote it on the Internet, that is, they tell about it!

Ben Glinsky is the CEO of this company and this company is based in Florida, USA. Nouder Khazan is a director of network marketing who has a history of involvement in pyramid schemes in particular.

Livegood Reviews

Company Details
NAME LiveGood
CEO Ben Glinsky
PRODUCTS Nutritional Supplements
WEBSITE LiveGood.com


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LiveGood Membership

Membership is required to become a LiveGood distributor With this membership, LiveGood products are available at wholesale rates (less than MRP). Whereas to become an MLM Distributor (Affiliate) an additional $40 has to be paid. From which commission is received on adding new distributors. 100% refund if membership is canceled within 30 days without purchase. While for the annual membership, there is a 100% refund policy within 30 days and a 50% refund policy within 90 days of joining.

What does it take to become a Livegood distributor?

If you also want to become a distributor of Livegood, then you will have to buy a membership first, for which you will have to pay $ 9.95 per month or $ 99.95 per year! After getting a membership, you get all the products at wholesale rate, that is, at a very low rate But if you want to become an MLM distributor, then you will have to pay $ 40 separately, which will benefit you if you ask someone else to take membership, and if that person takes membership from your link, then you get some commission. Apart from this, if you want to return your membership without any purchase and want to get your money back, then this company gives you a refund within 30 days, but after 90 days you will get half of your money after returning the membership.

Livegood Products list

Livegood Products List

Many such products are made by Livegood company which are very beneficial for our health. Livegood company says that it makes the world’s highest quality supplements and takes full care of safety. Some of the products of Livegood are as follows:-

  • Organic coffee
  • CBD oil
  • CBD oil for Pets
  • D3-K2
  • Essential Aminos
  • Daily Essential Aminos
  • BioActive Complete Multivitamin
  • Ultra Megnishium Complex
  • Organic Super Reds
  • Complete Plant Based Protein
  • Instant Youth
  • Angles Skin Serum
  • Organic Super greens etc.

Note:- LiveGood’s products are very expensive for the consumer. There is a difference of 60% to 100% in the price for the consumer and the distributor. One of the specialties of Livegood is that Livegood gives a chance to return the goods purchased but not used for 90 days

LiveGood Income Plan

BRONZE 2 Affiliates
SILVER 10 Affiliates or 3 Bronze Affiliates 20 Affiliates
GOLD 30 Affiliates or 3 Silver Affiliates 100 Affiliates
PLATINUM 100 Affiliates or 3 Gold Affiliates 500 Affiliates
DIAMOND 2500 Affiliates 3 Platinum Affiliates

LiveGood provides a total of 6 types of income to its affiliates, which are as follows.

1 Retail Commission 1-50
2 Weekly Fast Start Commissions 1-50
3 Matrix Commissions 2.50
4 Matching Bonus 3-50
5 Influencer Bonus 10-50
6 Diamond Bonus 2

In the beginning, all this income is not available, there are some conditions to get every income, which are necessary to be fulfilled. The minimum payout amount from LiveGood is $50. The payment method available on LiveGood is direct deposit to your bank account.

Note:- As per the information, the payment is on a weekly basis. You get your earnings in your bank account within 5-7 working days of processing the payout request.

FAQ In LiveGood Reviews

Founder’s History

Glinsky, the founder and CEO of LiveGood, has a bad history in the MLM business, having founded and sold Skinny Body Care and been involved in several other MLM companies. Some of which were fraud pyramid schemes. In 2019, Glinsky sold Skinny Body Care to Valentus (another MLM company).

Whereas, Nouder Khajan, Network Marketing Director, has earlier been associated with pyramid scheme companies like Stiforp and AliveMax. Before joining and investing in a company, information and research about its old connections is necessary.

Goal to Sell Membership

LiveGood’s business model doesn’t really rely on retail sales, it just aims to earn commissions by selling memberships. LiveGood sells its products at retail price and distributor price, which varies widely. They want everyone to take their membership so that they can buy their products at the lowest price.

Income Level Difficult

Bigger bonuses are hard to come by in LiveGood’s Income Plan. Each rank encourages more and more people to join, which leads to the sale of memberships. Along with this, its product also has to be sold in high volume.

Expensive Products

Wellness and supplement products have always been the first choice of MLM companies, as their prices can be manipulated by adding labels like “Natural”, or “Certified”. Exactly the same is the case with LiveGood. The cost of their supplement products is very high. You can get the same products from good and big brands on Amazon for half the price.

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