Etsy Fee Calculator

Etsy Fee Calculator calculates Etsy charges for selling your items on Etsy. Etsy Calculator for all sellers on Etsy to determine the costs and profits. The Etsy fee Calculator can calculate Etsy fees, shipping charges fees, transaction fees, and processing fees, as well as all the profits you earn from the sale of your item.


Etsy is an e-commerce business that allows third-party sellers to sell hand-crafted items as well as craft materials. Etsy is like eBay in many ways but is a less popular platform that was created in 2005. Contrary to eBay which allows you to offer almost anything in the event that you're legally able to do so, Etsy concentrates on a market where sellers are able to only sell hand-made or antique products like clothing, jewelry, bags, and a myriad of other tools and craft supplies. Etsy is the perfect marketplace for those looking to transform your hand-crafted items into profits or expand your customer base for your current business. Etsy is user-friendly and has a community of sellers that provides excellent support to new sellers.

Etsy Listing Fees

The fees you'll be required to pay aren't only limited only to Etsy shipping transaction costs. Etsy can also cost you for putting advertisements on their platform. The cost of listing a product is $0.20. The fee is for up to four months. If your item doesn't sell in the next four months then you must make the payment to have it placed on the market again. For those thinking about how to pay the fees for listing on Etsy, The platform set renewals for you to be automatic by default. Set the setting by changing it to the manual, if would like to review your items prior to publishing them for the second time. You can also receive the opportunity to list your business for free on Etsy. Sellers will receive 40 listings for free if they sign up for their store using the inviting link. You as well as the individual who sent an invitation code will get the listings for free.

Etsy Fees Structure

Fee Type How much Example Can be Avoided?
Listing fee $0.20 per item $50 item = $0.20 listing fee No
Transaction Fees 6.5% sale price (including gift wrapping and delivery) $50 item + $10 shipping = $3.90 transaction fee No
In-Person Selling Fee $0.20 per transaction + Square fees $50 sale = $0.20 Etsy fee + $1.40 Square fee No
Currency Conversion Fee 2.5% $50 conversion = $1.25 fee No, but Wise can help
Regulatory Operating Fee (ROF) Variable £50 sale = £1.25 ROF Yes, depending on region
Value-Added Tax (VAT) Variable VAT calculator Yes, depending on region
Pattern Fee $15 per month N/A Yes
Etsy Ad Fees Variable N/A Yes
Offsite Ads 15% (12% for stores with >$10,000 in annual sales $50 sale = $7.50 offsite ad fee Only for small stores
Etsy Payments Fee Variable (3% + $0.25) $50 sale = $1.75 payment fee No

How are Etsy fees calculated?

Etsy offers a payment processing fee for every transaction made through Etsy transactions. Sellers located in the US are paid 3.3% of the price of their listing which includes gift wrapping and shipping and $0.25 for every transaction. The fees vary from 3 to 6 percent for sellers from outside the US.

How much does Etsy take from a $100 sale?

Etsy's transaction fees are 6.5 percent of the sale cost which includes the cost of shipping and gift wrap. If you're selling the item at $100 and you're paid a transaction fee of $6.50.

Does Etsy automatically collect fees?

This listing cost is the flat fee in the amount of 0.20 USD each time you list. The fee is payable regardless of whether the item advertised sells. This fee will be immediately added to your payment account whenever you post your item. Other types of listing charges include auto-renewing sales as well as multi-quantity and private listing fees.

What is a good Etsy profit margin?

Luxury items that cost a lot of money may be more expensive, but they will have greater Etsy profits but lower overall sales. Conversely, an inexpensive product or service could be less profitable but have a higher number of sales. The typical Etsy listing is profitable with a ratio of 40 percent. However, If you're able to grow, your listing, it could increase that figure to about 65 percent.

Do I have to pay customs on Etsy India?

The majority of customs fees are due after the package reaches the country of destination. The charges can be quite different and are usually based on the amount and the type of item, dimensions and weight, countries of origin, as well as taxes charges, duties, and taxes of the country that is being shipped.